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INITIATIVE | Russian Compact Entry-Level Production Line

INITIATIVE is the complete solution to transfer the production process from manual or contract assembly to your own automated SMT production (prototyping, high-precision pilot production and small runs of complex electronic products). The compact equipment is flexible and easy to operate while it provides highest accuracy and repeatability of a large industrial surface-mount equipment.

The equipment of the entire surface mounting area is built around our The core developed part -  multifunctional automated machine, mounted on a durable aluminum frame with a machine vision system with two cameras of various functionality, a 3D-moving system for mounting and dispensing head, an self-produced electronic control unit and our own software and interface.

To meet diverse production requirements and objectives the following machines are available as:

automatic SMD
pick-and-place machine

designed to install all kinds of SMD components up 0201 chips to 30x30 mm BGAs on the surface of PCBs from tapes, tubes, palettes, and from piles, equipped with machine vision, a set of interchangeable vacuum nozzles.

solder paste and glue dispenser

places solder paste or glue doses. The original patent pending time-pressure dispenser has no moving parts and require little service. Computer vision and adaptive control allow very repeatable 200 micron solder dots.

two head machine

integrates a dispenser and a SMD installer on the same chassis; the joint machine vision algorithms ensure exceptional accuracy of batching and components positioning and is controlled by a single software.

At the moment 80+ machines are in operation accross Russia and CIS countries. The unique technical vision algorithms and AI are the subject of constant attention of our SW Development team. Driven by the recent technical solutions and Customers feedback, the SW versions and upgrades are released on regular bases and available for all our customers for free.   
In addition to the installer and dispenser for related production stages we have developed:

manual stencil printer

A stencil printer with high repeatability of gripping solder paste on the PCB. The technological advantages as: pneumatic stencil pretensioning, PCB clamps, vertical movement of the table and an auxiliary MATI placement and verification system, streamline the alignment of the stencil aperture and PCB contact pads.

reflow oven

A combined heating system with top and bottom levels of tubular electric heaters, infrared lamps and convection under microprocessor control; enables high uniformity and heating speed of the printed circuit board.

component counter

The counter is based on a microcomputer and designed to count surface-mounted components on reels with automatic rewinding media tapes. Number of holes in a tape is taken as a unit for counting. Compact desktop model.



The INITIATIVE line has proven its effectiveness in organizing full cycle production of electronic devices. Provided your production needs and tasks are defined, based on your list of denominations (BOM) a customized version with optimal configution of nozzles and feeders to meet your requirements can be provided by our experts.
In any case, in the future, the package can be expanded, and first aim at the most necessary.

To address your existing production needs any INITIATIVE line product can be purchased separately. ! 

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Компактная производственная линия
поверхностного монтажа
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